Intellize Global Learning and Management Solutions is a proud member of CHECK – CONSORTIUM OF HIGHER EDUCATION CONSULTANTS IN KERALA. CHECK (Consortium of Higher Education Consultants-Kerala) is a non-profitable, registered organization under Kerala Govt. society’s act (Reg. No.359/08) with a goal to educate everybody by not considering their caste or creed. One of CHECK’s objective pointing to the creation of professionals in all fields of their life and thus to enhance the power of our Nation.


CHECK is the Kerala’s leading professional organization of education consultants working from North to South end of Kerala. CHECK has helped its members to serve families in Kerala for educational decisions that include colleges, universities and many technical and professional institutions. The field of educational consulting has grown considerably in the past decade. CHECK is committed to expose the good and bad of the field to the society and all check members work on a released ethical standard. CHECK members assist to help to make sure that your dreams to study at an institution or university of your choice come true. CHECK has been dedicated to advancing professional standards in higher education field, while supporting our members as they expertly guide students through the transition of college. CHECK is a professional organization focusing on the practice of independent college admission consulting in private sector.


IGLMS is proud to associate with reputed institutions throughout the nation.


The academic activities at Intellize Global Learning and Management Solutions from inception has been Quality oriented and recently the organization has been successful in getting recognized for its quality Management System through ABAS in the form of ISO 9001:2015 QUALITY CERTIFICATION.

The Scope of the certification is imparting Services related to Online Training, Higher Education Guidance.